11 June 2021

Dean Woods


Return2Coach Profiles: Kevin Moss

For UK Coaching Week (7-13 June) we’ve spoken to top coaches from across the country to hear about their top tips as we #Return2Coach


NAME: Kevin Moss

CLUB: Manchester Warriors Korfball Club

ROLE & EXPERIENCE: Head Club Coach, 13 years coaching experience. IKF Level 3 and England Korfball Coach Education Tutor

1/ Get Help!

“You’re the coach. You have a duty of care to your players but you can’t be the one stood there temperature checking people and preparing the session. Make sure you have helpers for the “Covid admin”.

2/ Hopefully the restrictions are temporary!

“Don’t get too stuck on the new Guarded rules. All being well the on-court restrictions will be lifted soon. Make sure you’re adhering to the rules but focus on developing players for activities that haven’t changed but are important under Guarded Korfball.

3/ Start Slow

“Try introducing scenarios in small side activities and then piece them together rather than rules in full games. No front feed, no static collect, 3vs3, attacking ball lines.

“Our team didn’t play 8vs8 guarded korfball until Week 6 and they were happy with being challenged in the scenarios. 3vs3 Tournaments went down very well.

4/ Its the perfect time to develop

“Is there something you want to try with your players? Most players are very open minded at the moment due to the pandemic. They are used to doing things differently on and off court. As long as you explain your reasoning you’ll likely get the buy-in.

5/ Its all about Mental Health

“The pandemic has pushed people into isolation/work from home/lack of socialising. This could be your players first social interaction in days/weeks. Sessions need to be enjoyable and engaging and most important participant centric. It’s really important that you’re accessible to your players if they want to talk.

“Also… until you start coaching again you don’t realise how much you’ve missed it and it’s great to see how much enjoyment the players are having.