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Hannah Stockley


Common Minimum Standards

England Korfball is introducing a Common Minimum Standards framework for our korfball clubs, areas and workforce. Many of these requirements will already be being achieved by our clubs, areas and workforce.

This builds on the great work undertaken by the England Korfball Inspired (EKI) Programme, much of which has been incorporated into the development of these Common Minimum Standards. By introducing common minimum standards we will be ensuring that this good practice will be achieved by all, rather than focusing on a smaller number of clubs. Having reviewed the role of the EKI programme, its focus will transition to providing additional development support to clubs.

Why are we doing this?

  • We are confident that this will contribute to safer and healthier clubs and areas
  • These standards support and protect our clubs, areas and volunteers.
  • This will result in a better experience for our korfball participants, by ensuring that all clubs deliver consistently high quality sessions
  • To ensure that we are able to continue to meet the conditions of available insurance cover
  • Meet our legal duties as an organisation delivering activity to young people and adults at risk
  • Though a small National Governing body, England Korfball always looks to ensure that it is meeting the sports landscape best practice, which these common minimum standards align to.

For the 22-23 season affiliation, clubs and areas are strongly encouraged to meet the endorsement requirements. These will not be optional for the 23-24 season afflation.

From 1st September 2023 the following will be recognized by England Korfball and included in England Korfball’s insurance cover:

  • Endorsed Coaches
  • Endorsed Coach Tutors/ Assessors/ verifiers
  • Endorsed Welfare Officers
  • Endorsed Referees

From 1st September 2023 the following requirements must be met by a club/area

  • The club/area must have an EK Endorsed Welfare Officer. The details recorded on Playwaze. Contact details for the Welfare Officer must be publicly available. This is to ensure that any concerns may be easily reported
  • The club must have at least one EK Endorsed Lead/Independent Coach. The details recorded on Playwaze.


How do I become an:

EK Endorsed Welfare Officer (Club/Area or Event)?

EK Endorsed Coach?

EK Endorsed Club/Area?

EK Endorsed Coach Tutor/Assessor/Verifier?

EK Endorsed Referee?


Useful Resources:

Common minimum standards resources

England Korfball Common minimum standards framework

First Aid training: St Johns Ambulance and British Red Cross. Local providers can also often provide more cost effective and closer provision

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