Words by:

Hannah Stockley


Meet the Board

The England Korfball Board help shape the direction of the sport and drive strategic aims and objectives. They meet regularly, and minutes for these meetings can be found online.

Ellen Pearce

Professionally, Ellen has a background in charity management. She was CEO of a Cambridge based career development charity until 2016. She is now a founding Director of the Lancaster Community Sports Hub, and also does consultancy work for LESS, a Lancaster based social enterprise committed to sustainable living. Ellen was previously on the National Panel for the England Korfball Inspired (EKI) programme and club Chair of Cambridge Phoenix. She is currently Chair of the new Lancaster Phoenix Korfball Club. Ellen is responsible for the strategic direction of England Korfball, and oversees our operations. E: ellen.pearce@englandkorfball.co.uk

David Synott

David brings years of international korfball playing experience to the England Korfball Board.He is responsible for the delivery of the England Korfball National Finals weekend, which this year saw record attendance at the Copper Box Arena. David chairs the Grand Finals Committee. E: david.synott@englandkorfball.co.uk

Sam Wells

A former England international player and manager, Sam oversees the organisations finances and accounts. A partner in a long-established firm of Chartered Accountants, Sam also sits on the Competitions Subcommittee and the Grand Finals Committee. E: sam.wells@englandkorfball.co.uk

Philip Morton

Philip has a professional background in construction and has a host of experience including work with teams from across the globe. Philip has been instrumental in shaping the England Korfball Inspired programme and currently chairs the EKI National Panel. As a committee member for both Vikings Ely and the Cambridgeshire Korfball Association, Philip is keen to develop korfball as an inclusive sporting experience. E: philip.morton@englandkorfball.co.uk

Graham Crafter

With many years’ worth of service administrating korfball, Graham brings unrivalled experience of the sport to the Board. Chair of the Competitions and Referee Subcommittees, he leads on anti-doping matters. Graham is also the England Korfball Disciplinary Officer. E: graham.crafter@englandkorfball.co.uk

Rabena Faried

Rabena joined the Board in October 2018 and leads on the Safeguarding and Equality and Diversity portfolios