25 February 2018

Dean Woods


AGM Results 2018

The results of the England Korfball Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held yesterday (24 February 2018) at Parkside Place Community Fire Station, Cambridge are below.

All resolutions as set out in the Notice of AGM were passed.

The Board are encouraged that all Resolutions passed with significant support of our members.

Election and re-election of the Board

All Board members standing for election/ re-election were elected and re-elected, including the Board’s recommendation to appoint Ellen Pearce as Chair.

Samantha Wells was re-elected as Finance Officer. Philip Morton was elected as an Executive Officer and Dave Roberts was elected as an Independent Officer.

The Board would like to thank all those who in advance of the meeting used the postal or electronic ballot to cast their vote and also to the Area and Club representatives who attended the AGM in person.