Words by:

Hannah Stockley


England Korfball is committed to safeguarding the welfare of all participants.

Safeguarding means promoting the safety and welfare of young people. It also extends to adults at risk, and ensuring a safe and transparent environment for everyone taking part in korfball.

If you have a safeguarding concern you MUST report it.

In England Korfball we believe that the welfare of children and adults at risk is everyone’s responsibility, particularly when it comes to protecting them from abuse. Everyone in korfball – administrator, club official, coach, parent, friend, children themselves, everyone – can help.

Serious Concerns/Imminent Risk

If you have a serious concern and you believe that a child or adult at risk is at imminent risk in the first instance you must contact the Police or Children/Adult Services in your area and then contact the Safeguarding Lead as soon a possible via email or call 07917 388173.

If you are in doubt as to whether your concern is serious, contact the Safeguarding Lead Hannah Stockley via email or call 07917 388173.

If the Safeguarding Lead is unavailable call the NSPCC (help@nspcc.org.uk) who are available weekdays 8am-10pm and weekends 9am-6pm for help, advice and support: 0808 800 5000 

You can also find details of your council and  LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) here

All Other Concerns

If there is no immediate risk, you can report the concern in the following ways:

  1. If the concern arises during an event, you should contact the designated event welfare/child protection officer
  2. If the concern relates to an affiliated club activity, you should contact the club welfare/ child protection officer
  3. If none of the above apply or you are not comfortable speaking to the nominated welfare /child protection officers please contact the Safeguarding Lead during normal working hours: Hannah Stockley via email or call 07917 388173.

Finally, please remember England Korfball will support anyone who, in good faith, reports his or her concerns that a child or adult is at risk of, or may actually be, being abused.

The England Korfball Safeguarding Lead is Hannah Stockley, National Development Officer.

If you have any questions or queries on safeguarding, or wish to make a safeguarding complaint, please contact Hannah via email or call 07917 388173.

Details of the NSP (National Safeguarding Panel) can be found here

Safeguarding Resources

More safeguarding tools and resources will be added to this page on the website.