27 February 2018

Hannah Stockley


This Saturday, clubs took part in the England Korfball Club Day at Parkside Place Community Fire Station in Cambridge.

The event was well received by members –

100% of attendees who completed a feedback form saying they would recommend the event to other korfball clubs!

Ellen Pearce, who was appointed Chair of the England Korfball Board at the AGM later that day, kicked things off by introducing the new England Korfball Strategy, which will be going out to member consultation very soon.

With clubs coming from as far away as Leeds, one of the recurring themes of the day was networking; there was plenty of opportunity for discussion between clubs with lots of ideas being shared. Attendees said they found it comfortable to ask questions and make comments, and one noted that “being in the company of passionate korfball people was encouraging”.

In the morning, attendees split into two sessions. Dr. Nicky Clarke and Dr. Ian Cowburn from Leeds Beckett University led a well-received session on Increasing Participation, using insight from their recent study into korfball participants.

The other half of the attendees took part in a session on Junior Development. Bec and Cambridge Tigers spoke briefly about their approach to engaging children and juniors in korfball, before the group discussed a new resource to “sell” the sport to those who worked with young children.

After lunch and the Annual General Meeting, there were sessions on Funding and Marketing.

The Marketing session was led by Sam Harding from the Forestry Commission who delivered an adapted Club Matters workshop, highlighting the need for korfball clubs to be “proactive, not reactive” with their approach to marketing.

Over in the Funding session, clubs looked at a variety of funding streams and began to develop their own funding application, with lots of exciting ideas for potential projects flying around.

Overall, the Club Day was a great success with attendees agreeing – here are a few of the comments:

  • “Great opportunity to talk to others and find out ideas”
  • “Very friendly and welcoming in all sessions”
  • “Good practical ideas, lots of time to discuss points with other members

Thank you to all the clubs who took time out of their busy schedules to help make the Club Day a success – thanks too to the session deliverers, and to Parkside Place Community Fire Station for allowing us to use their fantastic facilities.

Let’s make next year’s Club Day bigger and better – we hope to see you there!