18 September 2017

Dean Woods


England Korfball Board Appointments

Following a recent round of open recruitment, we are pleased to announce that Philip Morton and Dave Roberts have been appointed as new members of the England Korfball Board.

Philip has a professional background in construction and has a host of experience including working with teams from across the globe.

Based in Cambridgeshire and with connections to Ely Vikings Korfball Club, Philip is keen to contribute to the national development of our sport as an inclusive sporting experience.

Most recently Philip has been instrumental in shaping the England Korfball Inspired programme and is currently the Chair of the EKI’s National Panel.

Dave has 15 years of commercial experience within the transport, logistics and construction industries prior to joining the public sector. Today Dave is the Head of Commercial Strategy & Trading at Warrington Borough Council.

Dave said: “I chose to move into the public sector as it more closely matched my personal values and ethics and I could see the opportunity for the public sector to blend commercially with its ethos”

“Since joining Warrington Borough Council, I have lead or contributed to a range of projects across technology, education, revenue generation, finance, business transformation, communications, corporate strategy, financial self-sustainability and market management.”

“I feel that much of this experience is transferable to an organisation such as England Korfball and would contribute to an improving organisation.”

Ellen Pearce added: “On behalf of the England Korfball Board I would like to welcome Philip and Dave.

“They bring with them a wealth of experience which will play a key part in helping us shape and deliver our strategic priorities for the years ahead.

“We looking forward to working with both Philip and Dave”