12 June 2021

Dean Woods


Return2Coach Profiles: Liv Harcourt

For UK Coaching Week (7-13 June) we’ve spoken some of our coaches from across the country to hear about their top tips as we #Return2Coach


NAME: Liv Harcourt

CLUB: Cambridge Tigers Korfball Club

ROLE & EXPERIENCE: IKF Level 3 Coach; Head Youth Coach Cambridge Tigers; Cambridgeshire Youth Squad Coach. 25 years coaching experience.

1/ Prepare yourself

“This doesn’t just mean prep your coaching plan, but mentally prepare for all of the new challenges that coaching sessions with new rules and restrictions brings. Talk through your training plans with other coaches or senior players to help yourself find the best approach.

2/ Manage your team

“Bring your team together at the beginning of the session and talk them through the important details. Help them appreciate the differences in comfort levels of the team and the need to respect those differences. Help them understand how the sessions need to be adapted to incorporate the rules and set their expectations for the session.

3/ Have fun!

“It has been a long time since people have come together to play korfball. Make sure the session has plenty of fun elements to remind everyone how much they have missed it!

4/ Engage your senior players

“With established players returning and new players wanting to take up a new sport, with some sessions remaining restricted this can be a challenging time to coach. If you don’t have an assistant coach, make sure there are one or two experienced players you can rely on to take new players under their wing

5/ Adapt

“The new rules are temporary. Instead of training to make these new rules work, make the new rules work for you. An example: try making the team focus on dynamic rebounding as a skill, instead of spending hours working on how to manage the new rules around the exclusion zone.”