7 June 2021

Dean Woods


Return2Coach Roadmap

With the England Korfball Return To Play roadmap marked out, it is also true that we need our amazing coaches to Return2Coach too! 

At England Korfball we have devised a helpful guide to help coaches plan their Return2Coach journey.

Whether the lockdown has meant time spent away from an existing coaching role, or whether you are now ready to make a fresh start into your coaching journey, this tool will help guide you through the best steps for coaches to reconnect with Korfball!

#Return2Coach Roadmap

Our #Return2Coach Roadmap contains some brilliant tips and advice to help you make your return safe and enjoyable for all.

  1. Consider your commitments
  2. Update and Refresh
  3. Re-Connect
  4. Plan and Prepare
  5. Deliver and Review

1. Consider Your Commitments

Lockdown may have meant priorities changing and therefore your time and commitment may have changed too.  Now is a good time to self-evaluate what you want for the next steps back or into coaching. Ask yourself these important questions to help you rediscover coaching goals!

  • Who do you want to coach? 
  • What role do you want to take? Helper?Activator/Coach? 
  • Where do you want to coach? 
  • Why do you want to coach?

How we can help:

Lots of guidance including all the Return2Play forms are on the England Korfball website and across our social media accounts. However, to help broaden your coaching opportunities we have also signposted you to useful and helpful sites which support coaches and coaching in the UK. 

For those who have attended an England Korfball Level 1 or Level 2 coaching course, then you also have access to your learning modules and resources. 

Further resources can also be found at www.ikf.org. Please look out as our website and social media sites get updated with more accessible learning resources!

2. Update and Refresh!

With a few months to go until the start of the indoor season, now is a great time to upskill. Many courses offer virtual and online learning modules. Adding Digital Badges and Online Certificates will boost your coaching CV whilst connecting you to a wider coaching community.  Look out too for the new and updated England Korfball 1st4Sport Level 2 courses which will be available soon!

 Resource Hub:

3. Re-Connect

Once you’ve assessed your commitments and spent some time refreshing your coaching CV, now is the time to re-connect with those you will share your coaching experience with!

Stepping back?  Have you considered mentoring? Using your existing experience to help develop new coaches is a valuable role in coaching whilst maintaining your connections to the sport and people you love without the full commitment – and it can be done virtually!

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4. Plan and Prepare

Now you’re nearly ready and hopefully raring to go! Start noting down your short, medium and long term plans. Make sure you review your plans and check equipment availability, space and numbers of those attending. Consider some of the following:

  • How to support those returning to play from a period out’
  • How can you adapt sessions and plans?
  • How can you deliver sessions safely and effectively?
  • How can you ensure the session is inclusive to all?

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5. Delivery and Review

When you have delivered a few sessions, it is always helpful to review and seek feedback. Finding out about how people have felt about your sessions can help you plan and prepare better sessions next time! Don’t forget it’s important that you also self-evaluate how you feel the sessions went and what areas you want to work on! You could also think about saving/ scanning your sessions in a digital format, for your own reference and to share them! Then you can get feedback from other coaches and share new ideas too!

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