18 May 2021

Hannah Stockley


Return to Play Update

England Korfball RTP Guidance has been updated to reflect the updates made to the Government Guidance (16-05-21) for Stage 3 from the 17th May 2021. We ask for your patience while we complete the updating of our guidance documents to reflect these changes.

Korfball is deemed to include higher-risk elements of contact and so continues to be subject to sport-specific guidance in line with our RTP Guidance, as agreed by DCMS.

Summary of guidance updates:

STAGE 3 From the 17th May 


Adults and children can play korfball indoors, as per England Korfball ‘Guarded Korfball’ Return to Play guidance (Max of 30 indoors).

The maximum occupancy of each indoor facility should be limited by providing a minimum of 100 sq ft per person.


Adults and children can play korfball outdoors, as per England Korfball ‘Guarded Korfball’ Return to Play guidance (Max of 30 outdoors).

Changing rooms:

Changing rooms can open, but participants should be encouraged to avoid or minimise use where possible.


Spectators are permitted both indoors and outdoors but they should maintain social distancing and must adhere to social gathering limits (groups of up to 30 outdoors) and groups of up to six people/made up of two households indoors. Multiple groups of spectators are permitted. Spectators are allowed indoors, but the total number of all participants, coaches, officials and spectators must be aligned with the ventilation rates permitted by the particular venue.


You can leave your home to exercise and take part in informal and organised sport and physical activity. Car sharing is permitted for sport and physical activity. The guidance for safer travel should be followed.


Screening of participants by clubs/areas, including temperature checks, is not required. In line with Government guidance, all attending must self screen themselves and their household for Covid-19 symptoms before travelling to participate. Clubs/Areas should keep a record of these declarations.

Face coverings:

Do not need to be worn while exercising. Match officials, medics and coaches are also not required to wear face coverings while present in a work or volunteering capacity. Some venues may require face coverings to be worn in their communal areas.


Competition Roadmap

The Competitions Subcommittee have been working in collaboration with the Return to Play Working Group, Board and National Development Officer, to confirm England Korfball’s Return to Play Competition Road Map and proposed plans for the 2021-22 season.

The Competitions Subcommittee met on the 19th April, where they agreed the provisional arrangements for the National League season 2021-2022, and options for pre-season competition.

England Korfball can confirm our approach to Korfball competition for clubs as outlined below:

STAGE 3 From the 17th May

  • Adults and children can play korfball outside or indoors, as per England Korfball ‘Guarded Korfball’ Return to Play guidance (Max of 30).
  • Competition permitted with a max of 30 per court and in line with EK RTP guidance.
  • Limited spectators, within government guidance.
  • Limit to competitive play duration, in line with EK RTP guidance.
  • Individuals can play in a maximum of one match on a calendar day. Formal Match play per calendar day must not exceed a total of 40 minutes.
  • No tournaments.

STAGE 4 No earlier than the 22nd June*

  • Return to Korfball tournaments and matches,
  • Resumption of Korfball with removal of all modified rules i.e. Guarded Korfball

*This information follows the four-step road map published by the government. It represents our current understanding of the next stage and will be updated, including the provision of additional detailed information as soon as more information is available.



Pre-Season Competition

England Korfball encourages our member clubs and areas to, where possible, explore options to deliver competitive matches and tournaments in the period between the UK government permitting korfball under standard rules, assumed to be mid-June (Stage 4) and the planned start of the 2021-2022 season. We do understand that there is likely to be considerable variation as to what will be possible dependent on local situations.

Local & Regional 2021-2022 Season

England Korfball, in the expectation of the lifting of restrictions at stage four, is assuming the start of the 2021-22 season for Regional and local league in Autumn 2021. We do ask for Regional and local league to agree well-defined contingencies, should the league season be interrupted or curtailed.



Pre-Season Competition

The Competitions Sub Committee is exploring options to provide national league teams with competitive opportunities prior to the start of the 2021/22 season. We are seeking feedback from the National League clubs on their potential involvement in this. What this could look like and its feasibility will be dependent on the feedback we receive from clubs. This competitive opportunity will be open to England Korfball affiliated clubs only and will take place post stage 4 (22nd of June at the earliest) of England Korfball’s return to play plan, allowing it to take place under normal korfball rules (no guarded Korfball). National League clubs will be contacted this week for their feedback, with the deadline to respond of 5:00pm on Friday 28th May

EKL Premier Division 2021-2022 Season

The CSC is planning for a full Premier Division season with eleven teams playing each other home & away. This will be twenty fixtures per team over twenty-two fixture weekends. We intend to start in early October and finish in mid-May. The exact weekends are dependent on other dates and requirements being confirmed. We are planning for a finals weekend in late May 2022.

As previously communicated, two teams will be relegated at the end of the season and one promoted from the Promo Divisions.

EKL Promo Divisions 2021-2022 Season

The CSC is planning for a full Promo Division season with 8 teams playing in two pools, as in previous seasons. There will be a Promo Playoffs as usual.

Contingency Planning

The CSC is clear and committed to a competitive 2021-2022 season with a final ranking and champions based on match results. However, there will be well-defined contingencies in place should the season be interrupted or curtailed.

The Covid-19 page provides a central point for England Korfball guidance, advice and updates relating to Covid-19 and Return to Play plans. The safety of participants is our top priority, f you have any questions regarding RTP, please contact England Korfball via email.