20 April 2019

Dean Woods


Heartbreak for England U19 after defeat to Chinese Taipei

Did you miss the match? Watch it again here:


England U19s: Annie Boyd (KV), Elise Sparks (Tornadoes), Shane Buckland (Tornadoes), Stan Postma (TOP), Eleanor Parker (Tornadoes), Ayishah Chaudry (Tornadoes), Zach Catterall (Tornadoes) and Jacob Dawes (NIC) Substitutes: Alix Richardson (Tornadoes), Adele MITCHELL (Norwich Knights)

Substitutes: Alf Timney (Cambridge City), Adele Mitchell (Norwich Knights) and Alix RICHARDSON (Tornadoes)

Head Coach: Corinne Buckland

Assistant Coach: Daniel Brown

Team Manager: Nicole Sparks