19 April 2019

Dean Woods


England U19s beat Hungary 4-18 in their opening World Championship match 

England U19s made the perfect start to their World Championship campaign with an impressive and entertaining 4-18 win over Hungary.

Coach Corinne Buckland started with Zach Catterall, Jacob Dawes, Elise Sparks and Eleanor Parker in first attack and Shane Buckland, Stan Postma, Annie Boyd and Ayishah Chaudry in first defence.

Jacob Dawes top scored for England with four goals.


England U19s: Zach CATTERALL (Tornadoes), Jacob DAWES (NIC), Elise SPARKS (Tornadoes) and Eleanor PARKER (Tornadoes), Shane BUCKLAND (Tornadoes), Stan POSTMA (TOP), Annie BOYD (KV) and Ayishah CHAUDRY (Tornadoes)

Substitutes: Flynn PICOT (KV), Adele MITCHELL (Norwich Knights), Luca BUTTINGER (Harrow), Sophie PARKER (KV), Josh DAWES (Cambridge Tigers) and Maeve TURNEY (Norwich Knights)

Head Coach: Corinne Buckland

Assistant Coach: Daniel Brown

Team Manager: Nicole Sparks

Photos: Gertrude de Vries / Marco Spelten