28 February 2019

Dean Woods


Why korfball is a model for gender equality

Tamara Burnell, Co-Head Investment Grade Credit Research and Co-Chair Investment Diversity Working Group and Emiel van den Heiligenberg, Head of Asset Allocation explain why Legal & General have partnered with England Korfball.

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Changing perceptions in the workplace

In the video Tamara explains how the mixed-gender sport relates to the workplace and the world of finance: “Men and women, boys and girls compete together on the sports field, they have to work as a team, they have to score goals together, they have to defend together and those children grow up thinking of each other as equals”

Emiel says that “Diversity can be competitive, diversity can reach goals together and it can be fun!”

Legal & General will also be supporting England Korfball to engage the nation in korfball, through a programme of promotional activities in schools, universities and workplaces.

Legal & General’s sponsorship of the Grand Finals at the Copper Box Arena is part their on-going programme of activities and initiatives designed to encourage meaningful inclusion and equality.

Tickets for the Legal & General Korfball Grand Finals at the Copper Box Arena are now on sale. FIND TICKETS >>