12 June 2021

Dean Woods


Return2Coach – Top tips from Dave Buckland

For UK Coaching Week (7-13 June) we’ve spoken some of our coaches from across the country to hear about their top tips as we #Return2Coach


NAME: Dave Buckland

CLUB: Tornadoes Korfball Club

ROLE & EXPERIENCE: IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach”; Premier League Head Club Coach, 20+ years coaching experience; England International Coach.

1/ Planning!

“Returning to coaching after a year away has been a challenge with all the new rules to follow. Planning your sessions beforehand and making sure it works like clockwork. With players needing to register before coming this can inform your planning too -which is great to ensure everyone is included!

2/ Be the first there!

“By arriving early to your session, you can get your equipment set out and have the session ready to go from the moment players arrive. This can include music too – having music playing during a session can relax players and keep up the fun factor!

3/ Thinking outside the box

“Making sure all the exercises work within the new rulings has been a challenge but that is the job of the coach and challenging yourself in this way – also means you are challenging the players to think differently and be more creative – this can only be a good thing!

4/ Explain yourself

“Always make sure people feel comfortable with what they are being asked to do, especially considering the impact of lockdowns. By explaining everything about your drills, your vision and thought process transparently, you are engaging with players by making sure they are comfortable. This will add to their enjoyment and positive experience of the session and your coaching.

5/ Focus on the basics!

“Creating new exercises to challenge the players has been one of the biggest challenges. We have not played any Guarded korfball 8 on 8. What we have done is focused on people’s shooting, movement, timing and conditioning and just to get people back smiling and laughing again. People’s wellbeing is so important.