4 December 2018

Dean Woods


Korfball’s gender equality now reflected at Board level

We are delighted to announce that Rabena Faried and Denise Richards have been appointed to the England Korfball Association Board.

Rabena and Denise’s appointments were approved by the England Korfball Board on 2 October 2018 following an open recruitment process. The England Korfball members will have an opportunity to ratify the appointments at the AGM on 9 March 2019.

Rabena and Denise will jointly lead on the Safeguarding and Equality and Diversity portfolios.

Ellen Pearce, England Korfball Chair, added: “I am delighted to formally welcome Rabena and Denise on behalf of the England Korfball Association Board. It is exciting to see new members joining the Board and we look forward to their contributions.

“The initial priority will be to review our safeguarding policies and practice with a subsequent audit around equality and diversity. We are proud that gender equality is an underpinning principle of our sport and are keen to ensure that this embedded fully throughout our organisational structures’.

Denise Richards (L) and Rabena Faried (R)

Following the appointments, the England Korfball Board now comprises:

  • Ellen Pearce – Chair, Strategy lead and Chair of the International Strategic Committee
  • David Synott –  Grand Finals
  • Samantha Wells – Finance
  • Dave Roberts – Commercial Strategy
  • Philip Morton – England Korfball Inspired
  • Graham Crafter – Competitions
  • Rabena Faried – Safeguarding and Equality & Diversity
  • Denise Richards  – Safeguarding and Equality & Diversity

Korfball is the world’s only dedicated mixed-gender team ball sport.We are delighted that the England Korfball Board now reflects better that commitment to gender equality’.

A review of our Child Protection and Safeguarding policies will be Rabena and Denise’s first priority. As part of this, the training needs of club welfare and child protection officers will be reviewed. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute to the review process and look out for more information.

Welcome Rabena and Denise!