16 May 2018

Dean Woods


Helena Morrissey: ‘The timing is right for Korfball to emerge’

Dame Helena Morrissey, Head of Personal Investing at Legal & General Investment Management spoke with England Korfball’s Jess Davies after the National Schools Championships finals at the Copper Box Arena in London on Saturday (12 May).

“The timing is just right for Korfball to emerge and to attract more interest, it’s also great fun to watch. It’s fast paced, it’s exciting, things can go to the knife-edge”

Legal & General supports diversity and gender equality across the UK

“I do feel that it’s a wonderful experience to be playing alongside each other, boys and girls, workplace inequality that we have at present isn’t going to be solved by us by separating out the women and the men, but it is about learning how to work together and korfball is a fantastic motif for our times.”

We want to see more school children playing