9 May 2018

Dean Woods


Legal & General announced as lead partner of the National Schools Championships

England Korfball is delighted to announce today that Legal & General will become the lead partner for the National Schools Championships.

“Our vision is to inspire thousands of children and help them discover the benefits of our unique mixed-gender team sport. The National Schools Championships will create a network throughout the country with the skills and experience to continue to teach Korfball to thousands of new children creating a long-term legacy.” Craig Gosling, England Korfball Dame Helena Morrissey, Head of Personal Investing at Legal & General Investment Management said: “I am delighted that Legal & General are sponsoring the korfball youth finals. My daughter is a keen korfball player at university and has taught me about this uniquely mixed gender sport.”

Legal & General supports diversity and gender equality across the UK

‘We want to make a difference to company diversity across the nation. That’s why we are a proud signatory of the 30% Club, which is pushing the largest companies in the UK to have at least 30% senior female representation by 2020, and a co-founder of the Diversity Project, which promotes an inclusive culture in the financial industry. Our position carries weight, too: in 2017, we* voted against 37 companies** that were taking insufficient steps to increase diversity in their workforces. David Synott, England Korfball Board member and chairman of the Grand Finals committee said: “Legal & General’s passion for diversity and equality makes a partnership with our sport a perfect fit. Securing such an iconic and forward-thinking lead partner for the National Schools Championships is great news for us, the children and the whole game.”