24 October 2021

Dean Woods


England Korfball League Fixtures 2021

Thank you to everyone for their patience while England Korfball is in the process of transitioning to Playwaze, our new league management and club membership system.

England Korfball was expecting to be Live with the new system. Regretfully the final elements needed for the system to be ready to be launched are still being finished by Playwaze.

Below are the league fixtures for the England Korfball Premier and Promotional leagues up until the end of December.

16 October 2021

Oxford City vs Southampton Spartans

17 October 2021

Highbury vs Supernova

Bearsted vs Cambridge City

Manchester vs Manchester Warriors

31 October 2021

Kingfisher vs Cambridge Tigers

Bec vs Tornadoes

Bristol Thunder vs Birmingham City

7 November 2021

Norwich City vs Norwich Knights

Trojans vs Nomads

Birmingham City vs Kingfisher

14 November 2021

Trojans vs Kingfisher

Nomads vs Norwich Knights

Birmingham City vs Norwich City

Bristol Thunder vs Bec

Tornadoes vs Cambridge Tigers

21 November 2021

Norwich City vs Tornadoes

Cambridge Tigers vs Nomads

Bec vs Trojans

Norwich Knights vs Birmingham City

Supernova vs Bearsted

Cambridge City vs Highbury

27 November 2021

South Spartans vs Manchester Warriors

28 November 2021

Bec vs Kingfisher

Birmingham City vs Cambridge Tigers

Tornadoes vs Norwich Knights

Bristol Thunder vs Trojans

Nomads vs Norwich City

Oxford City vs Manchester Warriors

5 December 2021

Kingfisher vs Norwich City

Trojans vs Tornadoes

Cambridge Tigers vs Norwich Knights

Birmingham City vs Bec

Nomads vs Bristol Thunder

12 December 2021

Nomads vs Kingfisher

Trojans vs Norwich City

Bristol Thunder vs Norwich Knights

Tornadoes vs Birmingham City

Bec vs Cambridge Tigers

We are aware that some leagues are starting/ed and apologise for the inconvenience caused by this delay. We ask that before any fixtures, you please ensure that all Under-age player forms and club transfers are completed. Details on how to do this can be found in the updated guidance note.  Please ensure all match forms are retained.

The updated guidance note includes information on:

  • Registration for pre-existing members or players new to the sport
  • Transfer requests
  • Under-age player registration
  • Dual Club registration