27 June 2021

Dean Woods


Coaching Consultation – Have Your Say

As part of a review, plan and implementation strategy to improve our communication with members and develop a coaching vision, the England Korfball Coaching Committee would like you to answer our largest ever in-depth coaching consultation. 

The consultation is designed to assess where we can improve coaching opportunities, coach education and communication to our members across a number of areas. 

We want to hear from you

Your feedback will allow us to look at coaches’ opinions as well as club and area representations as to what their needs are and how we can make coaching accessible for all participants and at all levels. 

The survey is now available for you to complete!

The survey is open until 21 July 2021. Click here to complete the England Korfball Coaching Consultation. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. At the end of each of the five sections there is an opportunity for you to give more detailed feedback, comments and suggestions. 

The results will be used by the England Korfball Coaching committee to inform our future coach development activities. 

Complete the survey and be in with a chance to win

Complete the survey for a chance to win one of our 200 club numbers for one year, with 12 chances to win over the year. The prize draw will take place one week after the survey closes, with a maximum of one entry to the draw per person, irrespective of the number of completed surveys. The prize draw is open to all aged 16+