13 April 2020

Dean Woods


Celebration of Volunteers – IKF World Korfball Award for Innovation

At the recent Annual General Meeting in Cambridge, England Korfball chair Ellen Pearce thanked all the volunteers who make it possible to play our fantastic sport. 

A special thanks and recognition of achievement was made to Dean Woods, with Ellen presenting Dean with the International Korfball Federation’s Award for ‘Innovation’ which had been awarded to England Korfball at the last IKF World Championships. 

England Korfball received this inaugural award from the IKF for our online professionalism and innovative use of social media.

England Korfball is one of the few exceptions

At the awards ceremony the International Korfball Federation said:

Dean Woods receives the certificate and award from EK Chair, Ellen Pearce

Korfball players and fans, like anyone else in the world, have been using social media for quite some time. However, within korfball there have been very few that have used social media strategically at an institutional level. England Korfball is one of the few exceptions.

“While much of the social media related to korfball is very much targeted at those within our community, England Korfball has consistently targeted to connect and reach out to those outside our community, relating strongly to other British and English sports, and to events and issues in society at large. 

“In that respect, the recognition it has received is outstanding, and the reach of korfball messages is well beyond the thousands that are reached if we keep within our community. An example of this is the reach of this year’s England Korfball Finals, that had an extensive reach across English social media in the hundreds of thousands.

Congratulations Dean, and Thank You to all our volunteers throughout the country for everything that they have done and continue to do for England Korfball.