13 April 2020

Dean Woods


Annual General Meeting 2020 – Minutes

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the England Korfball Annual General Meeting and Club Day.

Minutes from the 2020 Annual General Meeting, held at St Paul’s in Cambridge on Saturday 29 February, can be downloaded here.

The England Korfball Board are pleased that the membership have indicated that they are in support of the proposals to transition the English Korfball Association to be a registered charitable company.

Members agreed to all the resolutions apart from “Adopting the proposed  ‘Articles of Association’” which did not receive support at the meeting. The articles will be updated and reissued for consultation in the coming months.

Thank you to Beth Ryan (Bristol Thunder) and Olivia Harcourt (Cambridge Tigers) for their England Korfball Club Day sessions.

Beth Ryan (L) and Olivia Harcourt (R) both shared their club experiences