7 April 2019

Dean Woods


Workplace korfball tournaments

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase korfball locally and provide an opportunity for workplace teams to get social and active during the summer. This summer we want to see a series of workplace korfball events played throughout the country in major cities.

The application deadline to host a workplace korfball event is fast approaching – we are keen to hear from anyone interested that would like to host a workplace event.

Area and Club contacts have been previously contacted directly about the application process

The aims are:

  • To run a series of workplace tournaments/leagues as part of the build-up/legacy of the 2019 Grand Finals
  • Engage 100s of new players across the country to get people physically active within a workplace context
  • Showcase and promote gender equality through korfball, in the workplace and on the korfball pitch
  • Increase local participation in korfball as a legacy effect of the tournaments
  • Raise awareness of England Korfball’s partnerships

Local organising committees will:

  • be responsible for the running of the project as per the proposal that is agreed
  • be responsible for administering the grant and reporting back on money spent/ receipts etc
  • be responsible for providing data requested, e.g. on the number of people taking part etc

The national organising team will:

  • provide a grant of up to £500 towards the costs of running events for successful bids
  • provide editable template marketing materials for the tournaments/league
  • run a national social media and marketing campaign
  • provide incentives, where possible, e.g. Grand Final tickets for winning teams

Next steps

We now welcome proposals from (or endorsed by) Area Associations to run workplace tournaments/leagues in local cities.

We are aiming to be flexible and to support credible bids on a range of models. Please design something that you feel confident you can deliver and will fit local circumstances.

Successful bids will attract up to £500 to support the programme and/or fund other development projects that are part of their local strategy to build workplace engagement. You can use this money flexibly but you must outline the costs in the proposal.

We are especially interested in events in London, Hove, Cardiff, Birmingham, Barnsley, Edinburgh, Bristol, Bracknell, but we are keen to see events in major cities across the UK. Areas can bid to host more than one tournament (ie events in more than one city).

Bids should be no more than 3 sides of typed A4, and should cover:

  • The main aim/vision of your workplace tournament
  • How the local workplace tournament/league be structured (eg evening matches, introductory training,
  • one-day event etc etc) and where it might be held (make provisional venue bookings asap if needed)
  • How you will engage/attract workplace teams
  • A realistic estimate of how many teams/individuals you are likely to engage in korfball
  • How you will run the project, ie who will lead it, how will responsibilities be shared/allocated etc
  • How you will generate the maximum publicity from the programme
  • How you will capitalise on the project to increase participation and engagement with korfball locally
  • The budget, including the requested grant amount, and your spending priorities to deliver the workplace programme and build on its legacy. Important factors to consider when devising the expenditure include the costs associated with the venue, officiating, equipment, marketing/printing and possible prizes

Tournaments must take place between 1 May and 31 August 2019.

We welcome proposals by 9 April. All proposals will be reviewed and we will confirm if funding is granted within 2 weeks of receiving the proposal.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact Hannah Stockley National Development Officer or call 07917388173.