7 August 2019

Dean Woods


IKF World Championships 2019: England v Hungary

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

England started best, with three unanswered goals, then Hungary worked their way into the contest with Zsolt Majer particularly productive. At the end of the quarter however, Hungary‘s lead was cut to just one with an excellent long shot to beat the buzzer from Kieron Hicks.

With 14 minutes gone, Lexi Falcsik scored from a smart running in shot to put Hungary up by three for the first time, shortly after which she earned a penalty, converted by Kristof Bellusz, to further consolidate the lead.


An even more spectacular buzzer beater, this one by Shannon Jones, with one hand, from eight metres, kept England in touch and set up the second half with 8–11 showing on the scoreboard.

Taking that goal as inspiration, and with a few astute substitutions, England stepped up in the third quarter with several good goals, and greater defensive pressure, to turn the score around to 14-12 with ten minutes remaining.

Despite some excellent goals by Hungary, England was able to use the clock efficiently, and a goal by Neala Brennan with three minutes remaining re-established the three goal barrier that was enough to keep England safe, particularly after Hungary missed a penalty in the next minute.

England will play Catalonia for the tournament’s ninth ranking. Final score: 20-18.

Source: International Korfball Federation