6 August 2019

Dean Woods


IKF World Championships 2019: Japan v England

Tuesday, 6 August 2019


After some erratic performances so far in the tournament, and obvious disappointment to not be contesting the medals after consistently finishing higher in the previous versions of the IKF WKC, England came into this match determined to put a strong case for the ninth ranking, which is now the best they can achieve.

After their high scoring encounter with Chinese Taipei yesterday, Japan started well, keeping England in touch at half time by 4–9.

As the second half proceeded, however, they ran out of ran out of energy, which coincided with some important substitutions for England of players who coach Rob Williams had rested for the first half.

From that point on England’s scoring advanced more rapidly and they quickly ran away from Japan. England’s goals were well shared. Final score: 6-25.

Source: International Korfball Federation