8 November 2021

Dean Woods


Update your Coaching qualifications

Alongside the new 1st4Sport Level 2 Coaching Courses there is an opportunity for existing korfball coaches that hold the old British Korfball Association Level 2 or Coaches with several years’ coaching experience* to gain the full England Korfball Level 2 Coaching Certificate to get their qualifications fully up to date! 

>>> Click here to book onto a course <<<. Spaces on the course are strictly limited. 

The conversion to the new England Korfball Level 2 fits entirely into a timetable which suits YOU, whilst simultaneously connecting you to a community of Level 2 coaches who are completing the full Level 2 course. 

The conversion/bridging course cost just £199 per person.  Visit our coaching partners website to book your space on the Bridging Course. You should select one of the upcoming courses after which you will be able to book a space on the bridging course. If you need any help booking onto a course please contact us.

For those that require a more flexible approach to payment, we can offer a Flexible Payment Plan (FPP) to help spread the cost of the course. Full details of this are available on Sport Structures website.

The new bridge course works alongside the new England Korfball Level 2 and includes the following:

  • Completion of the E-Learning Portfolio
  • Attend the first Virtual Classroom alongside the new EK Level 2 Cohort (2 hours)
  • Complete 4 linked and progressive sessions 
  • Video Assessment or opportunity to invite a tutor for in-person assessment
  • Optional opportunity to attend practical delivery if you wish to update technical or tactical knowledge
*discussed on a case-by-case basis

Frequently Asked Questions

What level can I coach to with an EK Level 2 Coaching Certificate?

Participation levels are not aligned to coaching qualifications. This course will enable coaches to coach INDEPENDENTLY in a variety of environments and to various people i.e. adults, young people, children. It is primarily This course is designed for coaches that are operating as independent coaches in a club environment and those that are regular coaches of Korfball programmes (i.e. club team over a season).

How does an EK Level 2 Coaching Certificate compare to other sports Level 2 Coaching courses?

Each National Governing Body of Sport has a pathway for coach education. The majority of level 2 coaching courses have face to face learning and in most cases virtual learning with an assessment to demonstrate competence. This course is a qualification, recognised by Ofqual and awarded by 1st4Sport Qualifications. It meets the industry standards for coaches operating independently

For the conversion course, what does the portfolio of evidence require?

You will be required to complete the 1st4Sport Level 2 Certificate portfolio in full. You will be required to plan, deliver and evaluate linked and progressive sessions with a team

Do I need to complete an EK Level 1 before the Level 2?

No. The EK Level 2 is designed so that you can access prior learning and coaching practices which are developed in the EK Level 1. The EK Level 1 is always advisable as this centres around the core principles of good coaching practice and pedagogy for Korfball.

I’ve been coaching Korfball for over ten years, what would I gain from an EK Level 2?

Aside from a nationally recognised and formal Coaching Certificate which includes the most up to date content and learning material, this is an opportunity to re-connect with a network of new coaches who will form the basis of our new Coaching Community in Korfball. Sharing good practice is the bedrock of good coaching, and you would have a lot to offer a new cohort of qualified coaches, but equally you might also learn some fresher ideas, upskill your coaching practice and adopt the latest ideas in coaching from digital coaching resources to feedback and analysis in coaching. Now is the time to update and refresh and become part of our new coaching community.