22 June 2021

Dean Woods


Talent Coach Programme – UK Coaching

The UK Coaching Talent Coach Programme is a virtual coach development programme aimed at coaches working in the first selective environment of their sport.

It is a FREE 40-week programme of online learning and development for each coach within a blended approach to individual development; incorporating one-to-one coach developer conversations, reflective tools, social learning spaces, workshops and much more.

Each coach will be supported to develop their knowledge, build their awareness of themselves and improve their coaching practice within the support network of like minded coaches from different sports, as well as a personal Coach Developer.

The selected coaches on each programme will work with their Coach Developer and cohort to explore the following areas of learning and development:

  • Understanding Self
  • Understanding Environment
  • Understanding the Individual
  • Understanding Coaching Practice

What’s the process?

Each Coach who wishes to apply, please send your max 3-minute video and application form to talentcoach@ukcoaching.org by 1700 on June 23rd. Your video should answer the following questions:

  • Why do you wish to be part of the Talent Coach Programme?
  • Give a specific example of how you have supported an athlete to transition to the next level of the athlete pathway.
  • What is your Coach super strength?

Application form

Complete the UK Coaching Application Form