11 October 2017

Dean Woods


Promotion and Relegation Arrangements for the 2017-18 Season

Following feedback from several seasons concerning the length of matches in the promotion play-offs and the potential for making the Grand Finals weekend a more inclusive event, the Competitions Sub-Committee discussed in detail various scenarios for promotion and relegation between the Premier and Promo Divisions of the National League. This led us to propose to the Board the arrangements below, which were ratified at the last Board meeting.

1    The 10th team in the Premier Division will be relegated to their respective Promo Division.

2    The 9th team will neither be relegated nor participate in the Play-offs.

In preceding seasons the Premier Division team participating in the Play-offs has always won through to maintain its position in the Premier Division and one team from the Regional Leagues, Promo Division in recent times, has won through.

This led to the decision that in the interests of the Grand Final event it may be better for the team from the Premier Division not to participate in the promotion play-offs. The alternative of relegating that team as well was discussed but, at this stage in the development of the top echelon of our sport, it was ruled out.

3    The top two Promo Division teams from each Division will participate in the Play-offs, playing a round robin like in the past, with the top team taking its place in the Premier Division in the following season.

4    Teams in the play-offs will each play two matches on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. Matches will be longer than the shortened length matches as played in previous Play-offs.  The net effect of this is that we will win some time in Sunday’s schedule

5    Therefore, to make the Grand Finals weekend a more inclusive event, and to showcase not only teams from the top divisions of our sport, we intend to include some Youth matches on Sunday. Details of the Youth matches will be confirmed later.

6    The Grand Finals weekend this season will take place over the weekend of 12th/13th May 2018, venue to be confirmed.