23 February 2020

Dean Woods


EKL Referees and Officials appointed for BUCS National Championships

The British Universities and Colleges Sport(BUCS) Korfball National Championship finals will take place on 21-22 March at Sportspark on the campus of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, Norfolk.

The referee committee has appointed five England Korfball National League referees, Kathleen Brothwell, Jake Cooper, Robert King, Joe Skeet and Alexandra Zens for the championships.

In addition to the match referees a team of England Korfball referee assessors will be at the championship to provide feedback to all referees.

Referee education and development is a key priority for the England Korfball Referee Committee – We are pleased to be able to support the BUCS Korfball Championships and the British Student Korfball Association.

“Our primary role as assessors is to help referees improve and become better referees”

England Korfball League and International Korfball referee Dean Woods, said that “Assessors play an important and vital role in developing referees. Our primary role as assessors is to help referees improve and become better referees.

“One of the most important attributes of a referee is game management. This is not written down in any rule book. Referees may have a full understanding and knowledge of the rules of the game, but it’s how these rules are interpreted and applied in a match situation which is crucial.”

“Having the opportunity to observe referees multiple times over the course of the championship and provide immediate feedback is extremely valuable in a referees development. It’s great to see a referee take on board your feedback and then see them make adjustments in their next match.”

Congratulations to Kathleen, Jake, Robert, Joe and Alexandra on your appointments.