15 March 2019

Dean Woods


Grand Final Videos

In the run up to the grand Final 2019 England Korfball and Legal & General plan to showcase korfball activity in the UK through a series of videos produced by you, our korfball community. Korfball provides many skills, opportunities, lessons and unique stories. We want to show everyone your stories through a series of korfball community produced videos. We want to hear about you.

We can’t do this without you, the korfball community! We need your help… so grab a video camera or your mobile phone, pick a topic and start recording. we can’t wait to see them! Our favourite videos will win 2 tickets to the Grand Finals 2019 weekend. Please see terms below.

We want to hear about you!

What should I use? The best video device you can find. Your phone is probably great. Try to use a tripod or something to keep the device stable.

How long should it be? 3 minutes maximum or as short as you want. If you need to do it in two parts, to be edited together, that’s fine.

What should I say? Choose a title from below and make a script up from the prompts. It depends on the subject of course, but we want to show people what korfball is. Be bright, engaging, enthusiastic and confident. Smile.

Where should I shoot it? In good light. Indoors, outdoors it doesn’t matter.

Am I teaching people korfball? No! You are showing people about your life around korfball. Use korfball props. Balls maybe. Baskets perhaps. You don’t have to be in a training session, showing people how to play. It’s about you.

Upload your video here…..

Video ideas

Korfball dynasties

Are you part of an enduring korfball family? Did your grandparents play or do your grand kids play? What does it mean to you? Why did you carry on through the generations? Who teaches who? Who learns from who and who was the best? How does playing korfball together grow the dynamic of your family?

Korfball and the family

Does korfball drive your family life? Are you all involved? Who got who into korfball. Is there sibling rivalry, or rivalry across generations? Are there family members who do not play? Why and what is the relationship with them like. Have you expanded your family with other korfballers?

Korfball and mental health

Do mental health issues play a part in your life? Do you deal with mental health issues or volunteer or work in the field of mental health? How does korfball support you or others? Are there any positives or negatives? Is korfball inclusive for people with mental health issues?

A sport for all ages

Do you play on a team or in a club with someone of a very different age? How do you get on and how do you learn to interact with each-other. What have you learned from each other and have there been any hiccups on the way? What are the advantages of being on a team with someone much older or younger that you? Get on the video together and bounce conversation back and forth.

Korfball for a lifetime

Have you played korfball your entire life? How did you get into korfball ad why did you stick around? How have you adapted as you grew older? How has the sport changed and how has the world around you?

Korfball relationships

Are you in a relationship with another korfball player? What are the good and bad things about playing together? Do you talk korfball at home or is the subject banned? Do you like to play together, or do you have to be kept in separate divisions? Get your team mates to give their views on this too. Has korfball taught you any useful relationship lessons?

Long distance romance

Are you in a relationship with someone who pays for another club? Is this a long distance relationship? How does this affect your life? Are you rivals or supporters? Do you play in a different local club or even fierce rival club to your partner? What does that mean to you both? Why have you stuck to your guns and not joined the same club? Perhaps you did. Tell us the story

Playing for different clubs?

Have you moved around a lot of clubs? Why did you? Chasing glory, a new challenge, a rival, a role model, a crush? How did that journey pan out? Are you at the right club? What did you need to do to adapt to your new surroundings?

LGBT in korfball

Korfball prides itself on being inclusive. Is it? How does your club acknowledge LGBT players and welcome them? Should it? Should it not? Does a mixed gender sport present any challenges or advantages to you?

Why I referee

Are you the person in black in the middle? Why do you referee and how did you get started? Do you play as well or focus on the refereeing. Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories? Given a howler or awarded a penalty to a defender? Are you a female referee? Does being a male or female referee in a mixed gender sport differ from other sports?

Why I coach

How did you start coaching? Tell us about your journey. What is your philosophy? What is your greatest achievement and how do you motivate players to be their best? Who are your coaching role models in korfball and in other sports. How does coaching give you confidence, life skills such as speaking in front of people, thinking quickly, decision making, planning etc…

Korfball in a time of war

How you played korfball in difficult times? What is your story and how did it help you to cope with terrible times?

Moving to a new area

Have you moved to a totally new area and had to start life again? New house, new job, new friends and new korfball club. How did korfball help? Was it a safety net? Reassuring? Another big worry?

Korfball and volunteering

Korfball in the UK is driven by volunteers. Which roles do you enjoy doing and why? What are your best stories about the people you have helped to enjoy korfball? Why should people volunteer and how do we make volunteering more rewarding? Do you volunteer at other events too? Met someone famous? Been to a showcase even behind the scenes? What unique life experiences has volunteering given you?

Mentoring and role models

We want to hear from you if you are on either side of this equation. Do you mentor people within korfball. A coach? A club volunteer? A manager? Does someone mentor you? It would be great to see you on camera together telling us the relationship works. What do you get from it and how do you share success and setbacks.

Ethnic diversity

Does your club have players from a broad range of ethnic backgrounds? Let’s meet the team and tell us about yourselves. How does that diversity impact your team’s daily life? Tell us why your team mates are great.

How do you fund your korfball activities?

Do you find it a challenge to afford to play korfball? Do you go on a lot of trips? Do you have to plan for these trips and take on weekend jobs? Fund raising? Applying for grants? What is the stupidest/ funniest/most effective thing you have done to save money or raise money for korfball? Do you get help from the family? Do you plan your finances to enable you to play?

Korfball & self confidence

Has korfball improved your self confidence? How? Well you are making this video so it’s helping. Was this a surprise and has that confidence made you a better player? How has that confidence shown through in your personal and work life?

Diverse experience in teams

Do you play in a team with people with different experience to you? Are you a premier league star playing with first year university students or are you a first year student playing with a premier league star? Tell us about each other. What were your first impressions? How did you gel and how has the relationship changed? What is the funniest / most annoying / best thing your team mate did?

Korfball and my community

Has korfball enhanced your social life? Did you join a club or play in a group which has allowed you to make connections with other people in you local community? Is your community quite small and has sport connected you to new people? Get them on camera and tell us about it.

Travelling far and wide for korfball

Tell us all about your travels. Show us a globe and show us where you have been on that globe. What is the weirdest place you’ve been. Where are planning on going and where should you go? Have you never travelled more than 5 miles for a match or training? Tell us why?

Korfball vs single gender sports

Do you play other single gender sports? Tell us what the difference is.  What do those sports and korfball give you that is different. Do you bring concepts in and out of korfball from/to other sports? Are there any surprises in either sport. Which sport would do better at the other? Would korfballers do better at hockey than hockey players at korfball? Find a local team from another sport and show us.

Korfball vs mainstream sports

Do you play any of the big sports? Football, netball, rugby for example? How does korfball differ in its social dynamic? How does it differ in set-up? Can you show us some of your mates on camera dealing with a korfball? How do they do?

Korfball and physical differences

We would love to hear from people who play on the same team who are physically different. Are you very tall or very short?  Are you very speedy or less speedy? Show us how you get the better of the other person and how you value them. Do you play on the differences both in korfball and outside korfball? Show us how.

Korfball and neurodiversity

Do you regard yourself as non-neurotypical? Do you have a diagnosis (ASD, ADHD or other)? Tell us about yourself and how you think. How did you get into korfball? Have you found it an inclusive environment? What are the challenges you face when playing? And socially? Have you discussed them with your team mates? Have you taken on other roles within korfball?

Korfball for health improvement

Has korfball improved your personal health? Did you get into korfball for health reasons? Was it a side affect you didn’t expect? Tell us about how your health or fitness has improved and have you set any plans to keep going?

Korfball and independence

Has korfball encouraged you to be more independent? How so? Was it being part of a team? A club? Or skills you learned on the pitch? Have you been involved in activities like travelling abroad, taking on a committee decision, planning your week or being a captain for the first time?

Why is korfball the right activity for you?

Tell us about your person korfball journey and why you continue to be involved. What is the unique selling point for you that make korfball the sport for you? Is this the same for your whole squad? Club?

Korfball and life skills.

Tell has korfball given you any new life skills? Public speaking? Leadership? Planning? Dealing with conflict? Dealing with disappointment? Creating a team with new and different personalities? Did you mention korfball in an interview? Did the interviewer?



By submitting a video you give permission to England Korfball and Legal & General to use the video for promotional purposes via any channel. Your video may be edited and you may not be credited. 

England Korfball will select a winner before June 1st. The mechanism for selection will be published at a future date but the selection is at the discretion of the England Korfball Grand Final Committee. The winner will receive two complimentary tickets for both days at the Legal & General England Korfball Grand Final 2019. The tickets cannot be refunded and the prize has no monetary value. If the winner has already purchased tickets we will refund up to two tickets for the weekend.