28 April 2017

Dean Woods


Kathryn Goodridge: We’re working and training hard

Trojans player Kathryn Goodridge has never been far from a korfball – from her first memories to now she has been watching, playing and winning trophies. Next week she hopes to add another accolade to her growing list of korfball honours at the LFF Grand Finals in Crawley on 6th-7th May.

Following success at junior level her first experience of the Trojans 1st team came at the age of 15, where by her own admission she was the “baby of the team”. But playing with the likes of Dave Brooks and Jo Hickey, whom she looked up to, was a great learning experience for her – with the team growing and improving together.

Winning the Europa Shield in 2007 was very exciting

Like a few others in the current Trojans squad, they can trace their winning streak back to the Europa Shield win in 2007. Kathryn said: “Winning the Europa Shield was very exciting – you look back at the pictures and we all look so young but it’s that core team that has worked its way through until now. Winning helped us realise that we had the talent to do this more often.”

The same season saw the domestic league winning run begin – by taking the England Korfball League title. “I remember there being a massive pitch invasion at trinity at the end after we won,” Kathryn recalled.

“Every win builds our confidence and the experience we have really helps us. We are all pretty level headed and we play well under pressure. A couple of years ago when we were several goals down at halftime against Bec we were never thinking how are we going to get this back, we just wanted to push on. And we got it back and won in extra-time”.

“That final was particularly memorable, the celebrations and a big pile-on at the end – it meant so much to us. It’s always great to win, but when the games are closer it is more exciting for the crowd and it means more to us as well to win in such a manner!”

Trojans success is a team effort

The Trojans success is a team effort, but Kathryn was keen to point out the big role their coach, Gary Brooks has played.

“Gary does an awful lot for our club – he’s our coach but he also does a lot behind the scenes. Without him I don’t think Trojans would be where they are today. It would be a massive achievement for him to have coached the team to ten titles in a row.”

“For some of the players it may the the biggest stage they’ve played on so it’s going to be a lot more intense. Playing on a big stage is something I enjoy, whether that’s playing for England or playing for Trojans. I get more of a thrill from it.”

This season Trojans could complete a decade of dominance. Standing in their way will be Kingfisher, but Kathryn points out that they will be treating this year no differently to previous years

“I’m sure it’s in the back of everyone’s minds, and it would be a massive achievement, but we are treating it like any other year – working hard and training hard.”