28 April 2017

Dean Woods


Emma Hind Interview

Bearsted’s Emma Hind will be preparing for the playoffs by getting married, just a day before the event.

She is marrying Kingfisher’s John Denton, who will also be part of the LFF Grand Finals weekend.

Emma said: “I don’t think we’ve fully considered how tiring it’s all going to be. We booked the wedding on the date of our anniversary, forgetting that the playoffs happen around the same time. But at least we are both in the same boat!”

On the pitch Emma is looking forward to the playoffs and is keen for Bearsted to retain their England Korfball League status.

It’s made us stronger

Emma said: “We are more determined than ever to prove why we deserve to stay in the England Korfball League. We have a close, supportive squad and the ups and downs of this season have only made us stronger as a team.”

Emma, who is also part of the Irish korfball squad, has been playing korfball for 15 years – the majority at Bearsted, with a couple of years at Kingfisher in the mix too. She represented Ireland at the European Korfball Championships in Portugal in 2014.

It has been a tough season for Bearsted, with 14 defeats in their 14 England Korfball League games, but the experience of playing the country’s best teams this season could give them an edge in the playoffs.

“To be better you have to play the best!”

Emma said: “Our first season back in the premier league was always going to be challenging, but these are opportunities the other teams have not had this year and I feel this is our advantage going into the playoffs. To be better you have to play the best!”

Emma will also be going into the matches on 6th and 7th May with plenty of playoff experience under her belt.

“My previous experience will definitely help in these games, having been in this position before, not just with Bearsted but at the other end of the league with Kingfisher too. The experience has taught myself, and others within the squad, how to deal with the pressure and bring the team together on these occasions.

“The squad are training hard, having upped the intensity over the last few weeks. We are working well together to ensure that everyone is pushing themselves in training and preparing themselves mentally.”

Watch Emma and Bearsted in action at K2 Crawley on 6th and 7th May. Click here to buy your tickets.