6 July 2021

Dean Woods


England Korfball League: Premier Division Structure 2021-22

The England Korfball Competitions Committee met recently to discuss the structure of the 2021-22 Premier Division after the withdrawal of KV from senior competitions. 

It was decided that the 2021/22 Premier Division season will return to 10 teams. The Premier Division was initially intended to be played with 10 teams, it was only exceptional circumstances that led to 11 teams being invited to take part. 

A number of other options were tabled however the decision was made to return to the originally intended league size of 10 teams. 

We would like to publicly thank KV for working with England Korfball throughout the withdrawal process. It has allowed us to quickly and seamlessly prepare plans for the upcoming season. We hope we can support KV to return to senior competition in the not too distant future.