19 September 2014

Dean Woods


Coaches Continual Professional Development Report

Our first coaches continual professional development event was a huge success, 36 coaches from across the country attended and received first class tutoring from world class coaches.

The event took place last Saturday (06 September ‘14) in Croydon, South London.

On social media the hashtag “#EKCoachCPD” was used during the build up and throughout the session for coaches to share their experiences. Here are just some of the comments:

“Excellent (and fun) session with Jan Sjouke on chaos korfball” Kevin Allen [@kevindfallen]

“Had fun at today’s #ekcoachcpd session… Lots to take back to Lakers. Special kudos to @CharlieVogwill for some great applicable ideas!” Jeni Sanderson, MK Lakers Korfball Club [@MKLakers]

“Great day at the #EKCoachCPD learning how to make myself a better coach. Watch out @BrumCityKorf, I’ve got some new drills for you!” Jess Beale [@JessBeale64], Birmingham Korfball Club

Gained lots of interesting insight into coaching, looking forward to bringing it to #BrightonUniversity this year! [@Brighton_Korf]

Jan Sjouke van den Bos, The Netherlands most successful coach and KNKV Master Coach said: “It’s been a great weekend.  It was unbelievable, there were 36 people from all levels and I think they really got inspired from a lot of tutors.  It’s all about changing, changing the game and changing the way you want to train”

The team from Catalonia won all four matches, including both against England in the warm-up tournament that ran alongside the coaching session.

Speaking about the matches and the upcoming IKF European Korfball Championships in October/November Jan Sjouke said: “I can see that the Catalan team is more prepared for a short game around the post, they are more experienced in the short chances and the short possibilities and I think that England has to train on it”

The coaching continual professional development event was organised by England Korfball’s Coach Education Working Group and Katherine Robinson. The tutors were Dave Buckland (England Head Coach), Charlie Vogwill (England senior International), Dave Butters (Nomads Head Coach) and Jan Sjouke (KNKV Master Coach).

Are you interesting in learning more about coaching korfball? Start your coaching journey and become an England Korfball Level 1 coach.

Manchester (04 October), Cardiff (11 October), Leeds (01 November), Croydon (08 November) and Southampton (09 November).