11 December 2019

Dean Woods


Referee appointments for Matchweek 8

The referees for the England Korfball League’s Promotional and Premier Division matches on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 December have been confirmed.

Saturday 14 December

14:30 Bristol Thunder v Nomads
Referee: Dave Kennard

Sunday 15 December

11:20 Kingfisher v KV
Referee: Robert King

11:20 Cambridge City v Norwich City
Referee: Alexandra Zens

11:30 Bec v Norwich Knights
Referee: Adam Conley

12:45 Trojans v Tornadoes
Referee: Adam Dibble

12:45 Cambridge Tigers v Highbury
Referee: Joe Skeet

14:30 Croydon v Supernova
Referee: Kathleen Brothwell