15 January 2023

Declan Kohl


Performance Programme Update

We are providing an update on the delivery of the Performance Strategy announced in 2022.


England Korfball have now launched the first part of the strategy with the first session delivered in December 2022 at the University of Birmingham. In line with the longer term holistic approach to player development of the strategy, athletes started the training programme with some athletic development exercises in the gym, functional screening assessments and korfball technical skill development. In addition to this, athletes engaged in an interactive classroom session, focussed on their understanding about their training programme to work on at home.

The next session of the academy is taking place on Saturday 11th February 2023 at the University of East Anglia.  


The next part of the strategy to be launched is the Elite Training Squad (or ETS).  The ETS is the senior level of the programme, designed for players who are capable of playing at the highest level.  The senior squads, which will be attending major championships, will be selected from the ETS.

In line with the academy and the performance strategy, the ETS is a long-term player development programme which remains committed to the central theme of holistic player development, and will combine Korfball technical skill development with athletic development exercises in the gym.  The ETS will also include classroom sessions covering topics such as game and statistical analysis and the importance of nutrition.  

Players who are interested in joining the ETS are asked to complete the following expression of interest form https://forms.gle/bR3AQgPaetJVUSwU8.

The squad for the World Championships in Chinese Taipei in October 2023 will be selected from the ETS, and so players are also asked to indicate whether they are available, and want to be considered, for the World Championship squad.  Returning players, i.e. those players who have previously played in a senior squad, are also asked to complete the expression of interest form if they wish to be considered for the ETS and the World Championships.

Players for the ETS will be selected by the ETS coaches, led by Head Coach Rob Williams.  If the numbers of applicants exceeds capacity, then there will be trials for the ETS at the first session, which is scheduled for 18 February 2023.


The final part of the strategy which needs to be implemented is the Development Training Squad, or DTS. So as to focus on the implementation of the academy and the ETS, it has been decided to postpone the launch of the DTS until later in the year.

We are conscious that it was previously indicated that the squad for the U19 tournament, which will be taking place in Ghent, from Friday 7 April to Sunday 9 April 2022, will be selected from the DTS and the Academy.  

As such, some players who are interested in attending the U19 tournament may have been waiting for the launch of the DTS.  If any players fall within this category then they can still be considered for selection for the U19 squad, but the squad will now be selected solely from the Academy, and so they should now join the Academy Programme.  To enable players to do this, we are re-opening applications to the Academy.  Players can sign up here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/england-regional-academy-development-programme-tickets-507347007557.  

It remains the case that players who demonstrate the attributes for further development in the DTS, will be transitioned into the DTS when the DTS is fully implemented.

To reflect the fact that the first session of the Academy has already taken place the cost of the first instalment has been reduced from £120 to £80.

Players will be selected for the U19 tournament following the session in February 2023.  The U19 squad will then have specific training sessions, to prepare for the tournament on 4 March and 25 march 2023 at Trinity, Croydon.

U17 tournament

An U17 team will be attending the World Championships taking place in the Netherlands in June 2022.  The team for the U17 tournament will be selected from the Academy, and so players must be part of the Academy to be eligible for selection.

Again, players can still sign up for the Academy here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/england-regional-academy-development-programme-tickets-507347007557

Any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact Clive Dobbin, Operations and Logistics Lead for the Performance Programme.


U19 World Championships

The U19 Would Championships will be taking place in Ghent on 7-9 April 2023.  Just a reminder, that in accordance with the recent Performance Programme update the squad for the tournament will be selected from the England Korfball Academy.  

Therefore, players need to be signed up for the Academy to be eligible for selection.  Players can still sign up for the Academy by signing up here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/england-regional-academy-development-programme-tickets-507347007557 .  

The first instalment has been reduced from £120 to £80, to reflect that one session of the academy has already taken place in December 2022.

The next session of the Academy takes place at the University of East Anglia, on 11 February 2023, and the selection for the U19 tournament will take place following this session.

Any queries regarding the U19 World Championships should be directed to Clive Dobbin, at clive.dobbin@englandkorfball.co.uk.