16 January 2018

Dean Woods


Davesh Patel shortlisted for Coach of the Year

Bec Korfball Club‘s Davesh Patel has been shortlisted for Active Wandsworth’s ‘Coach of the Year’ award alongside Maria Fernandes and Renan Wiest.

Patel is the captain of the club’s first team and Junior officer has also represented England and Great Britain.

The Active Wandsworth Awards ceremony will take place on Friday 9 February 2018.

Bec Korfball Club said: “The awards recognise the outstanding achievements of young sportsmen and woman and those who are committed and dedicated to making grassroots sport happen”

“We would like to thank Dav for all his time, hard work and dedication that he puts into the junior setup and wish him every success”

Speaking to England Korfball Davesh said: “Whilst I’m incredibly humbled to have been nominated for this award and I can’t stress enough how much this is a great team effort! I hope that I’m lucky enough to be able to accept this award on behalf of the team, as without them anything that I do wouldn’t be realised!”

Congratulations to Davesh and the other nominees from all at England Korfball.