8 March 2018

Dean Woods


National Schools Championships FAQs

Can I have multiple teams compete from the same school?

Absolutely.  You can enter multiple teams from the same school, so long as the players don’t play for more than one team in the school (either at the qualification round and the National Schools Finals). You can either run an intra school tournament (min. of 5 teams) or enter multiple team into an area competition.

Can I select players to play for the school?

Absolutely – you can carry out an internal selection process for players to compete for the school.

Can I group up with multiple areas and schools to run a single tournament?

Absolutely. If you’re local area doesn’t have enough teams to make up five teams. You can join up with neighbouring areas / clubs to meet the minimum number of participating teams. A neighbouring area can be a different town, city or county. You’ll need to get final permission from the organisers, who will ensure it all works together.

What happens if I have more than 10 teams?

If you have more than 10 teams you can choose to enter two tournaments e.g. Bromley South & North. You will then be able to enter up to two teams in total (one from each tournament) for a chance to play at the National Schools Finals. The teams that enter cannot participate in more than one qualifying tournament and the competition must still meet the minimum number of participating teams.

Does the event need to be indoors/outdoors?

Either. We understand that schools, clubs and local facilities can be expensive or busy, so it doesn’t matter whether the event is indoor/outdoors. The National School Finals will take place indoors, on a professional korfball floor*.

Is there any financial support for equipment, coaching or hall time?

If finances are a reasonable barrier, we would be happy to work with our sponsors, your local County Sport Partnership and Sports bodies to apply for funding to cover the cost of equipment, coaching and hall time.

You have said the tournament must run between May 2017 (past) and April 2018 – with a 1-6 week program in the lead-up… I assume this latter aspect is flexible [especially if have done program before] as there is little time between submitting EOI 8th March to run program and a tournament by end April.

Absolutely. For this year it’s more of a guide – but in future years we would like to encourage schools and clubs to run programmes to teach the kids about korfball.

What format is the competition?

For U11s we will run Korfball4, where teams play 4 on 4 with two posts at either end and no halfway line. For U15s we’re suggesting 8 x 8 with two posts at either end and no half way line.

My school is single sex? Can I enter a team of just boys or girls?

We would like to ensure the most amount of kids get the chance to experience of Korfball. For the qualifiers it’s not an issue for teams to be made up of single sex players (at the under 11s level)*