25 September 2017

Dean Woods


National Referee Conference

We hosted our first ‘referee conference’ yesterday (Sunday, 24 September) in Kings Cross, London. Over 25 of our best and up and coming referees attended the conference which, based on early feedback, was an amazing success.

During the conference the referees discussed the latest rule changes and discussed various scenarios.

Kat Brothwell from Yorkshire said “Really enjoyable referee conference courtesy of @EnglandKorfball. Looking forward to developing and pushing my refereeing over the season

Peter Allan, England Korfball Referee Committee said: “When we have referees making the effort to come to London from far and wide (Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Exeter) we can be confident that the future of refereeing nationwide is looking encouraging.

“The opportunity to be guided by our leading referees and officials through many key scenarios, illustrated by videos, was a great opportunity for those seeking to advance their refereeing skills…and taken up by over 20 referees.

“The Referee Committee (RC) is always on the lookout for coming high level referees and the commitment shown by those attending is a clear indication of their serious intent. Cascading the information down to newer referees is something the RC hopes will happen from those present, plus of course seeing the referees themselves increase their level.”

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