15 April 2017

Dean Woods


Interview: Will Alderton at the U19 World Cup

Bearsted Korfball Club and England U19 star Will Alderton was interviewed by the U19 World Cup media team yesterday.

Meet Will Alderton, a player for England U19 (pictured in the middle with his teammates).

He’s been playing korfball for seven years now, going on eight. Will started in primary school and played for his school, when the coach of his current club invited the kids to a training session, after which Will joined the local club.

Will really enjoys korfball, because there’s a great community of people and players who are really nice and friendly. “Two of my closest friends play in the England team as well as my club team. The rest are good mates. Personally, I just think it’s a great sport, I enjoy it loads and playing with one team is just fantastic.”

Will’s not the only one who loves korfball, according to him it’s currently getting more and more popular in England. “University is a way that we usually promote [korfball], but a lot of coaches actually go to primary schools to teach the sport. Those children grow up and some of them obviously continue the sport.”

When asked who he thought would win this year’s U19KWC, Will answered “England! No, probably the Dutch, but obviously I’m rooting for my own team”. Jokingly, he added “because we’re just so good, so talented!”

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Credit: u19kwc.com