23 July 2021

Hannah Stockley


Vacancies for the England Korfball Performance Programme

England Korfball are currently recruiting for all roles within the England Korfball Performance Programme. This is due to existing vacancies within the Coordinating Committee, and open recruitment for coaches, assistant coaches and team managers at the end of an agreed term.

We are initially seeking:

England Korfball Performance Programme Lead (previously Chair of the International Committee)

Performance Programme Lead Advert

Performance Programme Lead JD 

England Korfball Performance Programme Operations and Logistics Manager (previously ops manager in International Committee)

Operations and Logistics Manager Advert

Operations and Logistics Manager JD

England Korfball Safeguarding & Athlete Welfare Lead

Safeguarding & Athlete Welfare Lead Advert 

Safeguarding & Athlete Welfare Lead JD

Lead coach, assistant coach and team managers for England Squads for all age groups (the roles for the senior squad will be advertised in December 2021, following the EKC-A)

Lead Coach JD

Assistant Coach JD

Team Manager JD

We want to recruit a team to develop the strategy and operational programme for the next four years. All applicants will need to demonstrate:

  • A strong collaborative approach and commitment to working collectively within the Performance Programme to achieve our vision and goals
  • A commitment to self-reflection, CPD and creativity
  • Passion, commitment and dedication to the roles

Do you know someone who would be great for one of the roles? If so please let us know here

An application form can be found here

The deadline for all applications is Sunday 22nd August 2021, Interviews to follow

Please contact hannah.stockley@englandkorfball.co.uk for any enquiries