3 June 2020

Dean Woods


Updated guidance for informal outdoor korfball training

(Updated 08-09-2020)

Following recent government announcements to ease the lockdown restrictions England Korfball would like to set out guidance for clubs and individuals who may wish to resume some forms of informal outdoor korfball training.

From 1 June, in England, you can exercise alone, with members of your household, or in groups of up to 6 individuals, as long as social distancing guidelines are followed and you keep 2m away from anyone outside your household. The full government guidance is available here.

This means that some forms of informal group outdoor korfball training activities are now permitted, within government guidance, and clubs may wish to make arrangements to run or plan informal sessions.

The principles that clubs should follow, if they chose to put in place informal outdoor training are:

  • read and adhere to government guidelines
  • complete a detailed risk assessment, with mitigating actions identified and implemented
  • social distancing guidance needs to be implemented during travel to any informal training site. Travelling for outdoor exercise is permitted, but public transport should be used as a last resort, and travel should not be with people outside of your household unless you can maintain social distancing, e.g. by cycling
  • informal outdoor training in groups of a maximum of six (unless all six or more are from one household) is appropriate
  • sessions which include balls are appropriate, provided each individual household uses its own balls, and balls are not shared between household groups
  • shooting practice is appropriate, provided the use of balls is managed as per the above
  • the playing of any form of korfball gameplay involving more than one household group is not permitted
  • given some people may still be isolating and/or may be concerned about the easing of lockdown at this stage, clubs should ensure that any informal activities are open for members to opt in, or out, of, depending on personal circumstances and any concerns held by individuals
  • equipment, such as posts, should be cleaned after each session and we recommend that each post and basket be put out and put away by the same household group
  • (Updated 08-09-2020) children aged 12 and over can take part in any informal training alongside adults, provided the above guidance is followed, they stay within their household group, and that the usual safeguarding protocols are followed. Children under the age of 12 can only take part, as above, alongside under 18s.  Clubs should make sure that they follow England Korfball Guidance on U18 participants. 

England Korfball will be providing further guidance if/when government advice changes.

We are also inviting members to complete a short survey about the impact of Covid-19 and their future plans.