9 September 2019

Dean Woods


Youth Competitions – Inter Area Review

The Competitions sub-committee would like to thank all those that gave feedback to the recent review of the inter-area competitions.

The majority of feedback supported moving the Under 15s and Under 17s to 31st December in line with international age groups.

No feedback was received in support of more inter-area competitions.

There was no adverse feedback in relation to discontinuing the Under 19 Inter-Areas.

Age Group Date Changes

Under 15 and Under 17 will now be 31st December.

For age groups Under 11 and Under 13 this will remain at 31st August in line with school years.

Under 9s, not part of the Inter-Area but played at local area level, this will also remain at 31st August.

Inter-Area Competition

The Inter-Area will continue to be run and organised by England Korfball’s Competition sub committee and will take place in January as usual.

Under 19 Inter-Area

The Under 19 Inter-Area Competition would be discontinued for the following reasons:

  1. Difficulty scheduling the competition, taking into account normal league matches, England training, and national mock and final exams.
  2. Many players may go to university when they reach 18.
  3. Following on from 2 above, due to lack of players at the higher end of this age group, many of the players are Under 17s, who already have their own competition.

Other Matters

The National Schools Championships preliminary competitions, will be held within September to April of the season of the finals, and that retrospective competitions will no longer be available as a route the finals.