30 October 2014

Dean Woods


Update #4 from IKF Referee; Steve Jones

Tuesday 28 October 2014

After having a relaxing morning we go to the sports complex to ready ourselves for the matches ahead. Paul [Jeanes] has the first match of the day between Catalonia / Czech Republic as you could see by the score this was close (20-21). Speaking with Paul after the game he was happy overall with the game.

Then came my contest between Germany / Russia this was even closer than the previous match and ending with the scores tied at 14-14. With this game going in to Golden Goal, the last time I done one of these was back in 2011 at the World Championships in China. So after making the coin toss with the captains to see which side started with the ball first, I took a minute with my assistant to go over the rules for golden goal.

With the golden goal period about to start a bit of nervous energy came to me and my legs did buckle a little bit but this quickly passed and my mind was quickly back on the job in hand.

Both teams had at least two attacks until the Russians scored a goal from around 5 meters. As a referee you hate to see someone lose but when the losing coach comes to you to say “good job” despite the fact his team lost it a good feeling.

I was reserve for the next match between The Netherlands and England. There was nothing much for me to do in this game. Again it was a bit strange not being able to comment and encourage the English whilst they were playing.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Today is a no reffing day for me today, I’m just assistant for two matches the first game between Belgium / Poland with the Dutch ref Ronald Buis it’s a role reversal from yesterday, then I’m assisting Paul with Russia / Portugal.

The first game was tough physically as lots of running was involved by both the main referee and assistant.

The Portugal / Russia was a great game to be part of with a total of 50 goals scored, Portugal were always leading but midway through the 2nd half Russia started getting on a roll and scoring goals under all sorts of pressure, but in the end they just couldn’t get back level.

Before my game I sat with the England supporters which was a change as it’s only normally the English refs that are out in the tournament. It showed me what emotions they all go through in the 50 minutes.

The England / Czech Republic game was filled with tension and thankfully England came out on top and gaining revenge for the last second loss to Czech Republic at the World Games in Cali.

Now the whole tournament moves into one hall so only four games to referee each day. Paul is doing the Catalonia / Ireland game with me as his assistant.

Today we lose four officials they are going home as there is not enough matches for them to fill.