24 February 2014

Dean Woods


Senior Inter-Areas

On 23 February 2014 the East Midlands Korfball Association for the second year running hosted the finals of England Korfball’s Senior Inter Area competition at the Wildcats Arena in Nottingham.

Competing this year were teams from East Midlands, Norfolk, Kent, North West, South West, Oxfordshire, West Midlands, Yorkshire and South Midlands.

England Korfball Board member Sam Wells said: “There were some close fought matches throughout the day and the new three pool format proved to be a success”

After a full day of intense and hard fought matches, it was Norfolk and Kent that took to the court for the final. The teams traded goals in the early part of the match, but it was a run of 4 goals scored by Norfolk that proved to be decisive and the game finished 8-5.

The Competitions sub-committee, represented by Frank Sieber and Sam Wells used the tournament to provide training and accreditation for more shot clock operators and jury members.

Peter Allan and Alan Lewis from the Referees sub-committee provided assessments and feedback to the referees of Lewis Quayle, Toby Parsons, Martin Hurajt, Sam Billington, Frank van der Wens and Phil Locke.

The medals for South West, Kent and Norfolk were presented by England chairman Craig Gosling. England Korfball Board member and chair of the Coach Education Working Group, Katherine Robinson was also in attendance and held a number of constructive discussions with players and coaches.

The final positions were:

1 Norfolk

2 Kent

3 South West

4 East Midlands

5 North West

6 West Midlands

7 South Midlands

8 Oxfordshire

9 Yorkshire