23 July 2021

Hannah Stockley


England Korfball warmly welcomed confirmation of the fourth stage of the roadmap from Monday 19 July.

Many restrictions have been lifted; however Covid-19 is still present and therefore it is vitally important that the Korfball community plays its role in keeping the risks of Covid-19 transmission through the delivery of Korfball to a minimum.

This guidance applies to all korfball activities delivered by England Korfball or an EK affiliated Club or Area. This guidance should be used from Monday 19th July 2021 until further notice.

To deliver korfball activity, England Korfball Clubs/Areas should:

  • Complete a Risk Assessment for each specific activity/venue. This must make reference to how Covid-19 risks are managed and minimised
  • Have an appointed and registered Covid-19 Officer (EK registration form)
  • Maintain an attendance register for all sessions
  • Have in place clear communication with participants to ensure that they understand current government guidance, especially in relation to self-assessment of Covid-19 symptoms and self-isolation
  • Continue to report to England Korfball, occurrences of 2 or more cases within a club, activity, match or tournament.

Though no longer a requirement, the use of previous additional Return to Play modifications i.e. Guarded Korfball is still permitted. Clubs and areas should consult with their participants around their needs and concerns, to ensure that sessions are delivered in a way that participants feel safe to engage with.


On-Court Guidance (23-07-21)

Off-Court Guidance (23-07-21)

Event Guidance (23-07-21)

Test and Trace Guidance (16-08-21)

The safety of participants is our top priority, if you have any questions regarding RTP, please contact England Korfball via email.