15 October 2020

Dean Woods


England Korfball are delighted to confirm that our Return to Play plan has now been cleared by central government and we can proceed with our return to court.

Ellen Pearce, Chair of England Korfball said: “Thank you to everyone for your support while we have waited for our Return to Play plan to be signed off.

“We are delighted that we can now get back to Korfball activity and we will shortly be publishing the full Return to Play plan, rule modifications for ‘guarded Korfball’ and resources to support clubs to get back to larger group training.

“Our thanks go to the Return to Play working group and our friends in the international Korfball community who were able to pilot rule changes on our behalf this summer.

“With this news in mind, we wish all our areas and clubs the best with their plans for resuming activities safely. Please look out for more information.”

At the Extraordinary General Meeting on 24 September 2020 we set out the background to the Return to Play plan. Please remember that the government’s risk framework for sport in England categorises all face-to-face contact closer than 1 meter and for over 3 seconds as high risk. Therefore Korfball can ONLY return with game adaptions along with other on- and off-court risk mitigations.

The Return to Play plan was developed following video analysis of games to understand the risks mapped to the government risk framework for sport, the development of rule modifications, pilots abroad and subsequent further analysis.

The England Korfball Return to Play plan and member resources can be found here