29 August 2023

Declan Kohl


Performance Programme offering for the 2023/24 season.

As part of the expansion of opportunities England Korfball are offering performance athletes; the following information details the pathway offering for 2023/2024.

This includes the dates and locations for the continuation of the annual Academy programme started in 2022/23 season and the next stage for 2024 launch: the Development Training Squad (DTS).

Information on the Academy Programme here.

Information on the DTS here.

With the launch of the U15 Regional Academies, England Korfball are pleased to support all athletes as they progress through their journey as an elite youth athlete through the pathways on offer. More information on the Regional Academies will follow shortly

Steph Watson, Academy Lead Coach, will be delivering an open access webinar on Thursday 14th September to go through the offering for 23/24 and answer any questions coaches or parents may have. To sign up to this webinar, please register your interest here: https://forms.gle/NqCLe7WVmUtDixZq6