30 January 2023

Declan Kohl


Olympic Format Pilots

Can you pilot the IKF’s proposed Olympic korfball formats?

The International Korfball Federation (IKF) has asked national governing bodies across the world to test out potential new korfball formats and rules with a long-term view to attracting more participants and having a higher chance of including korfball in the Olympics.

They have devised possible adaptations to the standard 8v8 game to make the game more appealing to new players and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). These changes are all in the initial testing phase and the plan is to develop a new format to run alongside the traditional game, not replace it (for example similar to basketball and 3×3 basketball).

We are looking for teams of all ages and abilities to pilot these new formats/rules and provide feedback, both to the IKF and to England Korfball. You will need to video and upload footage of the pilots, and provide a short amount of written feedback.

There are five potential new formats, with either a 2v2 or 4v4 model.

We are looking for as many teams as possible to take part. This could be done in 15 minutes during your regular training session, in a session all on its own or however else you’d like to run it. Pilots need to be completed and videos uploaded by 23rd February.

If you would like to help please register your interest as soon as possible by emailing your team name, the level of play (e.g., national, regional, local, university, etc.) and how much time you would be willing to spend on these tests to Grace Seaton who is coordinating these tests on behalf of England Korfball on g.seaton2@uni.brighton.ac.uk. Once you have registered interest Grace will send over the briefing document, with the formats and rules that need testing.