8 August 2014

Dean Woods


Davies Sports to stock Molten and Mikasa Korfballs

Davies Sports a major supplier to schools, colleges, universities and leisure centres have now started to stock both Molten and Mikasa Korfball balls after lobbying from England Korfball.


It’s good news for both our members and the sport in general that Korfball balls are now available from one of the biggest school suppliers.


In addition to Davies Sports, Korfballs are also available from KorfballShop.com (AFM Sports), KorfStore.co.uk, MoltenSports.co.uk, Newitts.com and SportsBallShop.co.uk.


KorfballShop.com from AFM Sports, is a solely dedicated Korfball focused business also supplying Korfball baskets and other korfball related equipment. KorfballShop.com stock the full range of Mikasa Korfballs including the ‘economy’ training ball; KT5-FT, the traditional K5 ball and the ‘special edidtion’ K5-FX ball that was used in the Netherlands Korfball League.


KorfStore.co.uk are suppliers of korfball equipment, shoes and teamwear. You can order the Mikasa K5-FT as well as the latest Mikasa K3/4/5-IKF ball for £32. Also available is a korfball from Rucanor at just £24. Prices do not include delivery – arrangements will be made to hand deliver where possible to keep prices as low as possible. The KorfStore is the sole supplier of Korfball Shoes in the UK – The latest Asics Crossover 5s trainers are now available to purchase.


SportsBallShop.co.uk is the only supplier to offer the full range of Mikasa and Molten korfballs. Sports Ball Shop is currently the cheapest place to buy a Molten korfball – £36.94 – even cheaper than direct from Molten Sports themselves!


DaviesSports.co.uk currently stocks the Molten korfball and the Mikasa IKF korfballs in all three sizes. Davies Sports have a Price Match Service and the cost includes Free Delivery. If you’re looking to buy a single Mikasa K5-IKF korfball from Davies Sports it will cost you £35.40.


Newitts.com is another supplier that stocks both Molten korfballs and the Mikasa IKF ball in all three sizes. Newitts who were founded in 1902 are a UK based mail order supplier of sports equipment. Newitts.com is currently the cheapest place to buy a single Mikasa K5-IKF korfball, including delivery it will cost you £33.99.


If you find another supplier that stocks korfballs we would like to hear from you!