5 July 2022

Hannah Stockley


This year’s National Youth Day was hosted superbly by London Korfball at Sparrows Den, Bromley. It was great to be back after a two year break.

Our thanks to the London Korfball Association and their volunteers who helped deliver the event. Thank you also to all our referees and officials who helped the day run smoothly. A special thanks to all the team managers, for all your hard work leading up to the competition and on the day.

And finally our thanks to all the players who participated, and the parents/guardians – without your support the event would not be possible – Thank you!



  1. Bromley B
  2. Bromley A
  3. Tornadoes
  4. KV
  5. Cambridge
  6. Croydon


  1. Bromley A
  2. Croydon Eagles
  3. Bromley B
  4. Trojans C
  5. Tornadoes
  6. Nomads Red
  7. Croydon Hawks
  8. Nomads B
  9. Trojans B
  10. Trojans A
  11. Cambridge A
  12. Cambridge B


  1. Bromley
  2. KV
  3. Croydon
  4. Cambridge